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  • Ramona Harrison

    Ramona Harrison

  • Nick Rout

    Nick Rout

    Developer Relations Engineer at Google 🇿🇦

  • Gabriele Porcelli

    Gabriele Porcelli

    Android Developer @Subito

  • Nick Rockwell

    Nick Rockwell

    SVP Engineering at Fastly, ex-CTO at NYT. Passionate about tech, music, science, art, helping others be their best.

  • mvndy


    software engineer and crocheting enthusiast

  • Juna Salviati

    Juna Salviati

    Full-time Human-computer interpreter. Opinions are my own.

  • Ciccio Rigoli

    Ciccio Rigoli

    Comedian, Book expert, Writer, Dad, Lazy. CEO and Founder at SLAM.

  • Daniel Santiago

    Daniel Santiago

    Dueño de un gato gordo.

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